Personal showings, we do not give out
Collection or rents, security deposits,
legal fees & tenant related repair costs
Personal contact with tenants.  Our tenants
understand up front, what is expected of
Why A Property     
Management Company ?

Your rental property may be one of
the largest investments you will ever
make.  Whether you are looking to get
the best return on your investment,
are living on the income, or counting
on this investment for your retirement,
you cannot afford to lose money
unnecessarily due to lack of
professional management.

Property Management at its best is a
full time career.  The laws, the real
estate market, and tenants are
changing every day.  To be a
successful landlord, you must  keep
up with these changes.  Tenants are
great teachers, and the more tenants
you deal with daily, the more you

Understanding how a little money
spent on preventative maintenance,
can increase your cash flow.

A good property manager can often
save you more than the cost of
management over the years by
maximizing your return, preventing
serious deterioration of the property
due to neglect or tenant abuse,
knowing the fair market value of the
units, and knowing how to maintain
strict rules, and still keep happy
Thorough tenant qualifying, including
unlawful detainer checks.
Computerized accounting suited to your
needs.  Original bills, receipts, and
operating statements, sent each month.
Repairs done by licensed contractors, at
reasonable rates.
Regular inspections of properties to
ensure routine maintenance is done, to
prevent deterioration of your investment.
Eviction proceeding if necessary.  
Personal service of legal notices.
You can count on